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Atlantic Sales and Marketing's NEXT UP program is like an "incubator" for your brand, giving it the time, attention and direction needed to reach its full potential in today's retail environment.

Curated retail relationships allow us to get your product into the hands of consumers at a rapid pace, giving us much needed information and providing a solid foundation for forward progress.

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Atlantic Sales Group, LLC has a well-defined menu of services for new and emerging brands that will target selected distributors servicing the key independent specialty & natural stores along with preferred small format chain retailers to increase your brand’s equity.  We call this program ASMG NEXT UP.


Although the ASMG footprint encompasses Maine to Florida, and the Midwest, in this case, we will begin with a Northeast focus, specifically the Boston, New York, and Philadelphia metro markets which are densely populated with broad base demographics and are home to a large potential customer base for your product.  Young, well-educated professionals who are early adopters, health-conscious, with above-average salaries and high levels of discretionary income.


Our Objective

  • Review all requested information on our New Client checklist.

  • Complete our market survey and market category study.

  • Develop a sales strategy for each retail account.

These would include Acme Fresh, Allegiance Retail Services, Brooklyn Harvest, Brooklyn Fare, Citarella, Dave’s Marketplace, DeCicco's, Earth Fare, Food Bazaar, Green’s Natural, Kimberton, Mom’s Organics, McCafferty’s, Murphy’s, Gristede's/D'Agostino. Kings/Balducci’s, Meijer, Morton Williams, Union Market, Uncle Guiseppe’s, The Fresh Market, The Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market, Roche Bros., Sprouts, Wegmans, WFM-Mid-Atlantic, WFM-New York, WFM-New England, Wild by Nature, Yes Organics, and select independents in and around the NYC metro area.

  • Assist with the development of sell sheets aligned with the ASMG format.

  • Work with client to develop a comprehensive and effective sales deck.

  • Set up client on the Atlantic All Access online reporting portal.


The portal is a private interactive gateway that harbors all our clients’ pertinent sales information in real time. It is designed to keep our clients up to date with current information about their brands.

Consulting Services

ASMG NEXT UP will develop a comprehensive go-to-market strategy including:

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Pricing Platform

  • Promotional Platform

  • Trade Spend Budget and Management

  • Retail Pricing and Promotional Pricing Strategy

  • Defining a Channel Strategy

  • Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Price List Creation

  • Identifying Target Retailers and Distributor Customers

  • Identifying, hiring, and managing a Broker Network

  • Trade Show Strategy

  • National and Regional Industry Tarde Shows

  • Distributor Show Strategy and Planning 

  • RangeMe setup, management, and follow-up.

  • Distribution with the National and Regional distributors.

  • Broker of Record with all distributors.

  • Production of Sales Collateral Presentations and Sell Sheets

  • Deal approval and trade spend management.

  • Customer Portal Maintenance and Report Generation

  • Optional - Set up a New@KeHE Event and UNFI’s UpNext program. 

  • Schedule in-store product demos to drive trial.

  • Analyze current retail position/pricing to maximize sales.

  • Schedule weekly/monthly status update meetings.


Distributors may include but are not limited to; Ace Endico Buyers, BCS Royal, Daniel Foods, Clark Distributors, Eco-Organic, KeHE, Nassau Provisions, North Atlantic Naturals, and UNFI.


ASMG NEXT UP is a Year 1 plan to build the brand’s distribution and equity. It is an abbreviated version of Atlantic Sales & Marketing’s full suite of services in outlined geography only.


We require a full-year commitment and require a non-refundable, monthly broker fee of $3,000.00 payable via ACH on the first business day of each month. Upon acceptance, we will send our ASMG NEXT UP broker agreement for your review and approval signature.


Following completion of the ASMG NEXT UP program; renewal for a minimum of one year with a sales strategy to include national retail chains from Maine to Florida, along with expanded distribution. We will also offer the opportunity to establish relationships with our broker partners for additional national retailer coverage in the mountain states and the West Coast. Renewal for year two will be at the standard terms and conditions for the full-year program.

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