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Deduction Solution Services

Our team will work with you to research, vet, dispute, and recover questionable distributor deductions!

Are you currently doing business with Natural Food or Specialty distributors?

If you answered “YES”, then you have inevitably experienced the seemingly never-ending deduction battles which every brand fights on a daily basis. It drains your patience, cash flow, and most importantly — your time!

Do you feel your distributors are taking advantage of you?

If you answered “YES”, you’re just like numerous other brands in the natural and specialty channel who are unable to decipher deduction codes, who often receive only insufficient backup (if any), and eventually become casualties alongside the path to dispute resolution.

Do you want an experienced team to handle your deduction disputes?

If you answered “YES”, you know it’s costly for most small and medium size brands to hire their own dedicated distributor expert.  Even larger brands find difficulty hiring someone with expertise and knowledge of the internal workings of the distributors.

you have options

Deduction Solution Services offers customized programs designed to solve a variety of deduction issues.

We’ll start by getting to know more about your current Distributor relationships

Our team will vet, qualify, and research the deductions that you receive from your distributors. For those deductions ASMG finds to be questionable, we will dispute and attempt to retrieve monies on your behalf. Each month, we will send you a recap summarizing which deductions we find to be legitimate, and which are not, as well as a review of their status of repayment with the distributors.

Then, we’ll recommend a customized Recovery Strategy

ASMG will work with you on a weekly basis with advisory calls, to address how to optimize and streamline your business to reduce deduction exposure with distributors, as well as providing advice on current deduction struggles. We can help to strategize on how to deal with and approach specific deductions and train your accounting team on how to best handle the deductions they receive to maximize potential repayment.

We’re here to help

ASMG will help recover larger, one-off deductions that you’re having a difficult time getting repaid directly by the distributor.                                  We will vet for legitimacy to make sure you have the best chance of recovering funds.

We also offer the service on an on-going basis and will monitor deductions for issues such as spoilage, shelf-life, lead times, out-of-stocks or high minimums.  We can also help by providing deduction interpretations, scrutinizing the distributor’s Buying Parameters, looking at forecast constraints and conducting freight reviews.

Our team of professionals will manage your Recovery Strategies

The Atlantic Sales & Marketing offers Distributor Management and Deduction Solution Services

to brands in the Natural and Specialty retail channel.

Our team is especially skilled in navigating retail and wholesale food distribution channels…in addition to

crafting successful marketing campaigns, they also have a deep understanding of the food

industry’s major distributors and provide valuable insights to our clients.

We provide brand building and distribution consultant services to companies that seek to expand

product distribution in specific regions or wish to gain national exposure.

We have experience placing products in small to medium independent chains as well as the much

larger multi-state retailers like Publix, Food Lion and Whole Foods.

Our team has well over 50 years of experience working with vendor clients in the natural & specialty foods industry.  Working on behalf of their client brands and from the distributors’ side has given us unique insights into how to best manage deductions, while maintaining those all-important distributor relationships.

Over the last several years vendor companies have experienced a steady increase of challenges navigating and avoiding the pitfalls and cash flow strains related to potentially illegitimate chargebacks.  

Our team at ASMG will provide expertise and resources creating a formal process built to vet, qualify,

research and dispute distributor deductions.

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